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Starship Poopers

This film is very interesting. Paul Verhoeven makes the movie to be like a futuristic war movie but because of the time it was made the story feels cheesy and not realistic. Some of the visual effects are done practically and others break the uncanny valley. The transitions used to push the movie’s timeline was like Army propaganda fused with a comic book. There are points in the movie where they try to predict how the races of the Earth melt together. For example, the main group of characters were from Argentina. Race and gender don’t really matter in this setting. The writers tried to bring a lot of tropes into the story. All the generals wore uniforms resembling Nazi uniforms. This culture seems to be very progressive, but they don’t learn from the past. The Federation commits genocide against the planet of bugs. Overall the movie attempts to make a point but the execution could have been better.

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